Hello Friend!

Welcome to the Sweet Escape Project. A place where you can find new nutritional information, recipes, supplement reviews and much more!

My name is Nilou Baktashi and I live in Houston, Texas. Coming from a Persian heritage- rich culture of food and hospitality– I was always drawn towards the world of nutrition and food from an early age. I quickly learned how to cook and bake when I was 12. My passion for food grew stronger and I went on to earn my Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Houston (Go Coogs!). I became fascinated with Nutritional Counseling as an integral part of Preventive Care. I started working in the intriguing world of research at the Texas Medical Center, expanding my science expertise at the Baylor College of Medicine’s Nutrition Research Center and the MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Tobacco Treatment Program. I also coordinated the Houston marketing program for MyFit Foods, an innovator and leader organization promoting healthy and nutritious options in the food industry.

I currently offer my services as a Senior Wellness Coordinator for The Houston Methodist Hospital’s corporate wellness team. I couldn’t be happier with where I am in life. After all, it is all just like a train ride with many stops, and I am enjoying it all.

My philosophy for Wellness is: One size does not fit all. And it never starts from a new year, new month, new week, and etc. It starts from your NEXT decision.

I also believe that food is one of the most valuable pleasures in life. From sweets to bread and butter, it all has its own place and time to be enjoyed and experienced.

Sweet Escape Project is a near and dear one to my heart. It expands beyond the nutrition world, as it introduces and compares new ways and recipes for everyone to enjoy food even sweets without having to regret their decisions later. Feel free to reach out to me and ask any questions you might have!

Happy blogging,

Nilou Baktashi


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