10 Fun School Lunch Ideas

We all remember our first love, the PB Jelly Creations. Whatever it was, we loved it. We also remember the time where we cheated on our true love with more convenient, full of surprises boxes of gold fish and animal crackers. It was almost a love triangle with no cliff hangers. And then we got bored. And grew up a little. Suddenly ketchup drenched “chicken” nuggest became our best friend. We were all over the place, never satisfied with our own lunch box, always looking for some cooler alternative. Vending machines had shiny packages and cartoon characters all over them! I remember I would throw away my perfectly fine healthy lunch that my mom had made for me, just to taste the chemically produced cheese puffs. I still crave them to this day. They need to build a cheetos rehab!

Now that you know my sad love story with food and lunch boxes, I think it’s time to create a new love story. A more irresistable one for our kids these days. This is not the time or place for ignorance. We have way too many sick kids and have developed an obese generation. Of course, food is not the only factor in this epidemic but it sure is the major issue and can also be the cure!

I decided to search the wonderful web for creative ideas on how to make lunch boxes popular again and was amazed by how much information, recipes, fun ideas are out there! It made me happy because I realized I am not the only that is trying to create a new sweet love story for lunch boxes!

I have listed the websites I found these recipes and ideas from so you can browse through them at your own convenience and get more creative! Shout out to http://www.food.com and http://www.epicurious.com.

The list below includes the 10 Fun School Lunch Ideas that stood out to me:

  1. Cinnamon Apple Chips: This is a great way to bring Apples into your child’s life. Try and be creative with the way you package these but something tells me the word CHIPS wins everytime!Pg8Qbo2. PB and Jelly Sushi Rolls: What!!! MOM!! Why didn’t you think of this? I mean this is an amazing idea even with Hummus and other healthy spreads. You can basically make rolls out of everything. Literally! 2ujOkFQ3K46tnWEKfrjw_Peanut Butter & Jelly Sushi Rolls3. Ham and Cheese Muffins: You can substitue veggies for Ham if you want but this is a brilliant idea. eNBeLSuwT0SdAL4sBf2l_Ham and Cheese Muffins4. Ants On A Raft or A Log: Crackers could be the rafts and celery sticks the logs.CJnw0gi9RNWSRlGAVTTq_Ants on a RaftnAMR2k5. Zucchini corn muffin Zucchini Corn Muffins: Just genius! XcZh1vJkQYWNoAlYZju6_Zucchini & Corn Muffins6. PB and Fruit Wrap: I started making these for myself. They are amazing.picHSd2fJ7. Kiddos Fav Trail Mix: Now I’m not going to say that this is the best option but you have to keep it interesting for them specially when there are other kids out there who will always have goldfish, animal cracker, chips and m&m’s as food. So try and educate your kids from an early age that this is a snack! Also you can always opt out for raisins, dried fruit, mixed with dark chocolate and some pretzels as a healthy trail mix option.picegeK5E8. Healthy Banana Oatmeal Sponge Cookies: The name says it all! This will be a GREAT snack or breakfast option. It is low on the glycemic index which will give your child a lot of energy to burn at a slower speed. fDu8U2zT0mRM8QVJXWEp_fat free sugar free oatmeal cookies9. Hummus and Feta Sandwich: Easily packed and you can put as many veggies as you want in this sandwich, because through hummus and fetta cheese not a lot of tastes can survive.35124310. Feta, Garbanzo Bean, Eggplant Pita Sandwich:Wrap these babies in foil and pack em up in their lunch box. 231600

All the pictures and recipes above belong to http://www.Food.com and http://www.epicurious.com

Also I would definitley recommend visiting 30 Days of School Lunch box ideas. Absolutely brilliant!

These were only a few out of 100+ options that they have available online. Also you can always submit your own ideas and what has worked for your and your children and contribute to this super sweet love story of Lunch Boxes!

Truly yours,

Sweet Escape Project

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