7 Warning Signs of Pre-Diabetes

Blood sugar and diabetes have long been an issue that we just cannot seem to control. I realize that was a negative opening statement. So instead of pointing out the problem and doing nothing about it, can we just figure out how to prevent it? All this research and literature should be good for something. Prevention happens in 2 different stages: One where you take steps to stay healthy from an early age. And another when you start noticing the early warning signs.

Pre-Diabetes is not necessarily a disease stage but it is an abnormal state in your blood sugar levels. It means that you are a couple of donuts and a few cans of soda away from seeing all the consequences of not caring about your body and overloading on sugar. (Or it could be genetics and due to a medical issue, I am aware so don’t attack me!)

I can talk for years about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle from an early age in oder to have a normal blood sugar level your entire life but this post is specifically about Pre-Diabetes and its warning signs! Here are 7 Warning Signs we all should keep an eye out for:

  1. Blurry Vision: Sudden rise in blood sugar will eventually cause impaired eye function. Blurry vision is one of the very first symptoms of high blood sugar. If this symptom does not go away, it is very critical that you check with your optometrist or general physician. Do not ignore such symptoms. Vision loss happens faster than you think.
  2. Excessive Thirst and Frequent Urination: Normally when you are in the Pre-Diabetes stage, these two symptoms appear simultaneously. When there is a sugar surplus in your blood, your body tries to flush it out faster than normal which then causes dehydration and excessive thirst. If you don’t tend to such symptoms, your kidneys will eventually fail. Kidney stones, dialysis and or even loss of kidneys and infections are the consequences of ignoring these simple warning signs.
  3. Wounds That Won’t Heal: An increase in blood sugar will cause lower blood circulation, therefore your body cannot heal wounds and repair your affected organs. Infections and bacteria overload will lead to more major issues such as amputations if you decide to not pay attention to such symptoms.
  4. Constant Fatigue: Fatigue can be the result of so many different issues. Constant stress and no sleep, dehydration, high blood sugar and hormonal and nutritional imbalances are among the top reasons for fatigue. However when you are in the Pre-Diabetes stage, the rise in blood sugar causes insulin resistance which then leads to lower energy production and fatigue.
  5. Sudden Weight Gain or Loss: With a rise in blood sugar levels, insulin resistance causes your body to be more hungry all the time. Therefore you tend to increase your food and calorie consumption which leads to sudden weight gain. For others this will cause lower levels of energy production in the body and sudden weight loss.
  6. Darkened Skin: A rise in blood sugar and a lower blood circulation will cause our skin cell reproduction to decrease tremendously. This will cause our skin to turn darker than normal in certain areas of the body for example the back of the neck, under arms and or creases of elbows.
  7. Foot Pain and Numbness: High blood sugar levels will eventually cause damage to your blood vessels and nerves. This will appear as foot pain, ulcers, tingling sensation and numbness. Early detection and treatment of such symptoms will prevent diabetic neuropathy.

Early prevention and treatment of such warning signs will lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Yearly check ups with your physicians and staying up to date and educated about different signs and symptoms of high blood sugar will assist you in eliminating any future surprises in your health and wellness.

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