Top 6 Reasons To Drink More Water

Water: We bathe in it, boil it, warm up and cool down with it, water our plants with it, cook our food with it, and so much more! Yet when it comes to drinking it to survive, somehow we all fail. Then we bring the worst upon ourselves; dehydration, which is just another fancy word for Your-Body-Needs-Water-And-You’re-Being-a-Brat.

Water is key to our survival. On top of being composed of approximately 75% water, our body needs H2O for transportation of nutrients, wastes, Oxygen and CO2, cellular reactions, pH and temperature regulation, and protection. Since we do not witness such reactions with our own eyes, once they reach a certain dangerous limit, our body will give us signs and symptoms. Unfortunately, we tend to ignore these symptoms or opt out for sugary drinks and coffee or food in order to resolve them. But News Flash! Nothing will work but Water! So I wanted to make this post in such a way that everyone can relate to it as much as possible.

In case you forget why your body needs more water, here are Top 6 Reasons in a nutshell:

  1. Water and Muscle Growth: Our muscle tissues are composed of 70% water. Therefore you could say that dehydration negatively impacts your muscular performance. The lower your level of performance, the less stimulus is provided for muscle-building and strength development. Also the chances of injury are dramatically increased. Drink at least one bottle of water for pre and post work out. And No, sports drinks don’t count! They are packed with sugar and chemicals your body most likely will have to store to figure out what to do with them later.
  2. Water and Belly Fat: Drinking water will not directly cause you to lose your belly fat. However, drinking water strategically will help with fat loss all throughout your body specially the stubborn belly fat. For example, drinking 2 cups of water prior to each meal, will suppress your appetite and help you to NOT over eat. Another example would be for the times when you crave coffee, sodas and sugary drinks. You can drink water instead of these addicting-not-in-a-good-way kind of options. Also the more hydrated your body is, the more it will focus on pathways that lead to fat loss.
  3. Water and Attention/Focus: This one can impact your body in a couple of different ways. The first would be contaminated water. Water high in fluoride, mercury, lead and other dangerous chemicals that find their way to our water sources through agriculture and factories, can negatively influence our brains and cause attention deficit disorders. Hello ADHD! (Insert Kermit the Frog sipping on his tea.) Another way water can affect our attention and focus skills, is dehydration! The more dehydrated your body is the less productive your nervous system will be which will cause a lack of focus and attention in our daily life.
  4. Water and Fatigue: Always tired and fatigued? Always looking for the next cup of coffee or can of soda? Well you’re doing it wrong!! Water. Water. Water! The more dehydrated you get, the less blood volume you will have. This will cause your heart to pump harder in order to get necessary nutrients and oxygen to your organs and muscles. Want to stay alert and energized all the time? Did I mention that our entire body including our blood is made of water mostly!? Replenish YO SELF! (Read that with attitude and snap, please.)
  5. Water and Headaches/Migraines: This one is a bit tricky. Yes, dehydration is mostly the main cause of headaches and migraines. BUT first (after you take a selfie) you need to recognize the type of headache you have. Hormonal headaches normally happen on one side of your head. Clustered and sporadic headaches are mostly due to dehydration. Chronic headaches could be due to chronic stress and anxiety or fatigue. Sinus headaches normally happen prior or after a cold/flu with antibiotic use. Some headaches are also caused due to caffeine and nicotine withdrawals. (Do people still smoke cigarettes?) So once you figure out the underlying cause to your headache, start with hydration and then if it still continues, seek out medical help. (Don’t try to be a hero!) Normally drinking a glass of water every hour will help with chronic migraines and headaches.
  6. Water and Beauty: Want to stay youthful and have soft skin? Want to fight and reduce your wrinkles and fine lines? Want to have soft and shiny hair and strong nails? Well stop treating it from the surface with chemically induced products!! Beauty happens from the inside out, as cliche as this sounds. Drinking water will help your skin to stay hydrated and is less expensive than all of these moisturizers on the market. Adding on Hair, Skin and Nails supplements will also help the process. But without water, those nutrients cannot accomplish a lot on their own.

Also did I mention that drinking water prevents constipation?? You’re welcome!

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