15 Simple Things I Dare You To Journal About For Just One Day

There is something about writing stuff down. From your feelings, ideas and thoughts to events and experiences, it makes a world of difference when you just put it into words on a piece of paper or type it up. It has been proven time and time again, that keeping a journal boosts self improvement and is much more effective and less expensive than any therapy out there. Even if you don’t want to tell it to the world, write it down and keep it. One day when you revisit, it will have its proper effect on you and your life. Or maybe it won’t, but at least you will realize that the moment you write something down, you let it go. You let it fly out of the complicated world in your mind, and you let it go. And that makes it a beautiful blessing which we all take for granted and hardly ever use or appreciate.

You might say that your everyday life is set on a routine and nothing spontaneous ever happens. Well first of all, I am sorry to hear that. That is not living life to the fullest. Second, maybe thinking about writing things down, will help you expect amazing ideas, thoughts and events to happen for you every single day. Life should not be played the same way every day! Believe me, that will be the biggest regret of your life. My favorite quote of all time explains it best: “Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today.” – One Day. And that is all we can ever be sure of. Just this one day, today! So make it count!

What are you waiting for? I DARE YOU to write it all down!

To help you even more, I am going to point out 15 simple things you can journal about:

1. Your dreams from the night before. 

2. Your morning thoughts and feelings.

3. Your ideas in the shower!

4. Your commute to work/School.

5. Your thoughts/feelings about your job/school.

6. Your favorite conversations throughout the day.

7. Your feelings/thoughts about the weather today or If you watched the sunset or sunrise.

8. Your thoughts, If you go for a walk or run outdoors.

9. Your feelings/thoughts if you discover a new song/movie.

10. If something out of the “ordinary” happens and how it made you feel.

11. If you learn or notice something new and your thoughts about it.

12. Your thoughts and feelings about the news today.

13. If you tried a new restaurant/bar/coffee shop/store/anything new.

14. Your thoughts before going to bed.

15. Last but not least, what you would do differently tomorrow.

You can comment below your answers or Email them to me privately at NBaktashi@gmail.com or simply just keep them to yourself and revisit them later! I promise you it helps you appreciate life more. Let me know what you think!

Truly yours,

Mother Growfitter

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