Mind Weekly: 3 easy steps to get your Mind Under Control

The mind is a complex machine. Probably the most complex machine that ever existed! From eating, breathing, to making life decisions or typing on the keyboard, your mind rules your body because you order it to do so…Think about that for a minute.

YOU are in control of your mind without you even realizing it. The most complex machine is in your hands 24/7. You can choose how your body feels and reacts to what happens to you at all times. For some it may be easier than others. Nutritional deficiencies, mental disorders, defective receptors, genetic mishaps, and other biological disabilities all can play a critical role in how much control you can have. But today I am talking about how you can control your mind when it tells you, you’re not good enough, you’re busy, you’re tired, you’re afraid, you’re stuck, you’re a failure… Time to say NO! Because you’re good enough, you’re disciplined, you’re energetic, you’re brave, you’re free, and you’re a success story!

There are so many ways and techniques for understanding and controlling the mind. Here are 3 easy steps on how to get your Mind Under Control this week:

1. Close your eyes and Breathe. I know you have heard this concept time and time again, but my goodness it works! Next time you have negative and overwhelming thoughts rushing through your mind, just take 6-10 long, deep breaths. With every inhale let your thoughts be clear to you one by one. Put them all in order. And let the thoughts out of your mind with every exhale. Repeart this task if you have to, as long as you take control of the gateway to your mind

You can also learn to meditate, which is a longer and more complex version of breathing practices. Who knows, this might even help you do a little soul searching.

2. Pay attention to what you feed your mind.  In this busy day and age, where we are constantly on our phones, on the computer and watching TV, we forget that we feed our minds with so much junk. So much unnecessary noise and unimportant information is being fed to us. Pay attention to your routine and what is surrounding you. Stop watching uninspiring programs that leave you unraveled. The music you listen to could also determine the direction your mind will be most likely to take. Remember, if you put your mind to it, your body will follow.

3. Stop expecting and imagining. The root cause to all problems in the history of mankind comes down to the very basic skills of our minds. Expectations and imaginations are probably the most powerful traits we have. When you expect, without fail you’ll be disappointed one way or another, because of what you imagine in your mind. Take control of your mind. Only use these two traits in the positive ways. You can expect in a way where it will lead you to be more positive not delusional and negative. You can use your imagination to dream and improve yourself. Just don’t dream your life away. Live in the moment!

I hope this helped you in some way! Comment below and tell me about what has worked for you in controlling your mind?

Truly Yours,

Sweet Escape Project

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